The finest music education available
locally, from teachers who love to teach.

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Regular Hours of Operation*: 

M - F: 1 to 8 pm

Sat: 11 am to 3 pm


* Hours may change seasonally and lessons are by appointment only

A music education provides the foundation for a lifetime of artistic expression and creativity.

Getting there takes routine practice, focus, dedication and ideally, the knowledge and skill of a qualified instructor. A great teacher is someone who understands how to make the learning fun: someone who can impart inspiration that leads to effective practice habits and someone who takes the time to really listen to the student. In doing so they can effectively design unique approaches to different learning styles.

This is why great teaching just doesn't work over the internet. Nor can it happen with a standardized, one-size-fits-all curriculum. The teachers at Federal Way School of Music are dedicated, independent professionals who work one-on-one with each student to ensure that growth is measured, goals are achieved and the student feels empowered. In this way, a young musician learns to eventually become their own best teacher.




Before you commit to any program, ask your music teacher these important questions:

Do you craft your own lesson plans, or is your teaching dictated by a corporate office? You might be surprised by the answer. A teacher who designs their own curriculum is able to impart their passion, not just their knowledge.

How much experience does your teaching staff possess? Blazing chops and flashy technique do not necessarily translate into effective teaching. Your instructor should not only have studied their instrument in some kind of formal program, they should bring to the plate an awareness of the realities of earning an income as a professional musician. They should be prepared to handle a broad demographic of students with varied backgrounds and capabilities. Through their experience, they should impart the wisdom of balance between one's music and the rest of life. Our teachers understand this balance and share a collective knowledge to rival any program, anywhere.


Guitarist Steve Lynch, Founder of Federal Way School of Music

Guitarist Steve Lynch,
Founder of Federal Way School of Music

Click here to learn more about our band and orchestra instrument rentals.

Click here to learn more about our band and orchestra instrument rentals.